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What are the top 5 sports to bet on for the best results?

If you are considering seriously getting into sports betting (for example on http://www.sbobet.io/sports/football-855.html), but have not had much experience in the past, you are better starting with the top five bets sports to bet on for the best results.


Football — While America talks about soccer, most of the rest of the world calls the sport football. Football is the most popular sport on the planet, with well over one billion people following the game at any one time. It is also one of the top five sports to bet on.


Football is a great sport to bet on as there are games ongoing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means there will never be a time where you cannot place a bet. It also means you will be able to bet on games and tournaments all over the world.


There are also a variety of excellent options when it comes to placing bets on football. These can be straight bets like betting on a win or a loss, or bets like guessing the number of goals that will be scored or the player that will score them.


Tennis — Tennis has become one of the top five sports to bet on in recent years due to the huge number of tournaments taking place at any one time.


Tennis is also a relatively simple sport to bet on as, in most cases, you are betting on the player that will win or the number of sets they will win.


Horse racing — Horse racing has been a popular sport to bet on for hundreds of years. In the 21st century, it is no different.


With thousands of horse races taking place every month, there are plenty of opportunities to bet and to win. It is also a sport where there is a huge amount of information about it online. This means you can be a knowledgeable gambler before you even begin placing bets.


Basketball — While betting on basketball is primarily an American pastime, the sport has also become popular in countries like Japan, France, Germany and the UK in recent years.


With hundreds of basketball teams to bet on, there are thousands of betting opportunities. You can also place simple bets like betting on the team that will win, or make it more complicated by betting on the number of points scored.


Baseball — Baseball is another sport that is popular with sports gamblers. Especially as the game used to only be popular in America, but is now moving out to other areas of the world as well.


Japan has many baseball games, as do countries like Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, South Korea and China. All of these games can be gambled on, and most have a huge number of lucrative opportunities for just about any gambler.

These Are Some Of The All-Time Jaw Dropping Wins In Sports Betting History

Throughout the long and storied history of sports betting, there are countless examples of incredible wins that brought the gambler in question a massive return on the money that they laid down. The list of biggest wins in the history of sports betting is nearly endless and there is not enough room to present a comprehensive list. With that in mind, there are 3 of the most noteworthy and famous sport betting wins that have been achieved in the last few decades. These are examples of gamblers who scored major wins by defying the odds on teams and athletes that were considered to be long shots. The first big win to make this list was achieved off of the sport of baseball as where the final two are notable wins that sports betters have achieved by gambling on the NFL.

Cashing In On Kansas City

Dave Oancea is a bit of a legend in the world of sports betting. This is so much the case that he is fondly referred to as Vegas Dave. He has had many legendary wins throughout his sports betting career, but among these, perhaps the most notable was his 2015 World Series win when he made the call to take the Kansas City Royals at 30/1. Vegas Dave risked $140 thousand and he had to spread the money out at fifteen casinos, but when this gambling game through at the end of the season, he cashed in on a monumental $2.5 million.

A Basketball Legend Wins Big On Another Sport

Charles Barkley is undoubtedly the most celebrity status laden member of this list of sports betting winners. He is famous for his exploits on the basketball courts of the NBA during his long and storied career and he also has a reputation for being an avid sports betting enthusiast. Though famous for his work on the basketball court, one of the biggest wins in the life of Charles Barkley came when he accurately predicted that the New England Patriots would defeat the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl. Charles took the risky stance of betting on the underdog in this game, but the result was a massive win of $800 thousand.

Talk About Return On Investment

The final installment on this list is an example of truly cashing in and turning a small bet into a massive payday. This was exactly what Tayla Polia did when she placed a $5 sbobet on a 2015 NFL season parlay. She ended up hitting on all the of different selections within the scope of her parlay and this transformed her tiny $5 bet into a massive score of $100 thousand. Talk about return on investment.

Poker Is A Popular Card Game


In the United States poker began in the early part of the 19th century. Some historians, like David Partlett, believe poker was formed to be played a bit like the Persian game of As-Nas. After World Series of Poker began in 1970, modern day poker became more popular in casinos in the United States.


The game of poker, especially for family and friends, brings people together. It is a fun and interesting game to play with people who know each other. Playing the game can allow people to catch up with family members and friends. When people play with family and friends they do not have to bet for real money unless they want to. Sometimes when family members play they use chips instead of real money.


When people are playing against family members and friends, the person who deals the cards usually rotates. The dealer continues to rotate until the players are done playing. When people play poker in a casino, the casino has one person who is an employee deal the cards. The casino calls the dealer a house dealer. Even though the house dealer in a casino deals the cards, typically there is also a nominal dealer who is a casino guest playing the game. The nominal dealer rotates among the casino players who dictates which order the players bet in the game.


Poker  (and other games like domino 99 too) are popular card games because they bring family and friends together. Family and friends are able to catch up with each other and play an easy card game. In casinos poker is popular because people can bet for money. Even though poker is an easy card game to learn, it is a game of skill and sometimes luck.

What is Domino QQ and would you enjoy playing it?

If you have spent any time browsing online casinos that are owned by Indonesian companies, you will probably have seen the game Domino QQ or Domino99.

For most westerners, however, this is an unknown game. For Indonesians, on the other hand, it is one of the most popular games in the country.

What is Domino QQ, would you enjoy playing it, and how long does it take to learn?

What is Domino QQ? — This is a game played with dominoes, with 28 of them in a set. Each player is given three of them, and then they are asked to decide if they want to bet. Bets are placed in the pot. If only one person bets, he or she then gets the winning pot and does not have to show the others their dominoes.

If, however, more than one person bets, just like Poker, they must each decide if they want to call, raise or fold.

If the game continues, everyone is then dealt a fourth domino and bets are placed again. At the end of this round, every player shows their cards and their points are counted. The one with the highest score wins.

Would you enjoy playing Domino QQ? — If you like Poker, or games played with dominoes, there is no reason you would not enjoy Domino QQ.

The game is fun, fast-paced and very easy to learn. The skill necessary to do well is also minimal. In fact, in most cases, a novice Domino QQ player could learn how to competently play the game in just a few minutes. It is then just a case of getting the necessary practice so you can improve.

Which types of bets should you make when gambling on soccer online?

Gambling on soccer online can be frustrating. Especially if you are not absolutely sure which of the different types of bets you can make are likely to be the winning ones.

There are, however, some types of soccer bets that will often give you a higher chance of winning. These are the ones you should favor more often than not.

A straight bet — This is one of the easiest types of bets you can make when gambling on soccer online. You just choose the right result of a soccer game and, if you do, you win. If you are absolutely confident about a certain result, this is the bet you should make.

A parlay bet — This is just two different outcomes combined into one bet. This is much riskier than a straight bet, as both your predictions have to come true before you win. If you get it right, though, the payoff can be large.

A good example of this would be a game between France and Germany, and another between Brazil and Argentina. You bet on France and Brazil to win. If both do, you win. If one loses, you lose too.

A treble bet — This is just like making a parlay bet, except you are adding a third event that must happen before you can win. Again, much riskier than a simple or even a parlay bet, but with the potential for you to win a substantial amount of money if you are correct.

A first goal bet — Do you know which team is likely to be the one to score the first goal in a specific match? If there are any goals in the game, you have a 50 percent chance of winning your bet. You do not even have to watch the game to its conclusion in most cases, but instead only to the first goal.

A half time bet — Another bet you will know the outcome of quite quickly is a half time bet. With this type of bet on judi bola, you must be correct about the half time situation in order to win. Is one team currently winning? Is the other team? Or is there currently a draw in the score?

Goal scorer — If you really know your teams and your players, you can also bet on which player you think will be the first to score a goal. This can be a player from either team, and you do not even have to predict the number of goals he will score in a match. Just choose that specific player to be the one to get the ball into the net first.

These are just some of the types of bets you should make when gambling on soccer online, as they are the most simple.

Bet with this style for a while, then move onto the more complicated types of bet when you believe you are better skilled for the task.

Tips for Moving up in Stakes in Online Poker

In order to move up stakes at Idn Poker, you have to play better. Anyone can just play at more expensive tables, it takes some of the following to help you win when you get there too.


Mix Your Play Each Session

The best way to build your bankroll at the online poker tables is to keep the rest of the players guessing. If you find that you keep betting in patterns and the rest of the table is bouncing all over your play, then start to incorporate the tight and aggressive play into your game. This is a great way to keep the sharks from getting a read on you, so they wind up looking for weaker players that will put up less in the way of resistance.


Having a Shorter Memory

One reason you just can not get any momentum and grow your bankroll at the online poker site is that you keep chasing losses. All was moving along just fine, then you had a really bad beat, and you get so annoyed that you have to play on just to get that money back. The losses keep stacking up from this point, and instead of getting out and coming back tomorrow, you lose your entire bankroll in one emotional loss of control.


Wait to Drink After You Win

If you have finally made goals for your game play at the online poker room and you see your bankroll growing day after day, the worst thing you can do right now is to let down your guard. It only takes one night of drinking alcohol and gambling at the online poker site to erase all that momentum you have made to this point. Alcohol clouds your judgment and will allow you to make mistakes you have been trying to eliminate from your game.


Bluffing With More Conviction

If you simply wait for the best hands to find you at the online poker sites, you are going to be in for a long wait. Too many players fold everything in hopes of playing the best hands, only to discover after all that wait the rest of the table folds around and they win nothing with a monster hand. Rather than let this set you on tilt, you need to start bluffing more often to win pots and keep the rest of the table from assuming you play too tight.

Check out this awesome video on “how to bluff”

Avoid Distractions in Your Game

One of the ways you can start heading in the wrong direction right at the start is by having too many distractions near you when you log into the poker website. This might seem like fun and games at the onset, but you are risking real money here that is going to disappear if you are not careful. Before you play a single hand, get off of social media, hang up the phone, and play in a place where you have complete control of your surroundings too.


Stick to this plan and you’ll move up in stakes at the poker room in no time.

Rules of the Game Domino Poker

If you like domino and poker, then Domino Poker is a great game for you to learn. It’s pretty much Straight Poker using 2 sets of double six dominoes. All of the blank tiles are taken out and it will leave 20 tiles for playing. If this sounds like fun to you, then keep reading so you can learn the rules!

Players and Dealing

In terms of players, this game can be played with 2, 3, or 4 people. Before the dealer hands out the dominoes, each person will put a certain amount of money in the middle. This amount is figured out before the deal and everyone puts the same amount in. Once everyone puts the money in the pot, each person will put their ante in. Once it’s time to deal, there are always 5 tiles dealt. This is always the same regardless of how many people are playing. The rest of the tiles are left face down on the table.


The play of poker 99 is the exact same as Straight Poker. It rotates to the left and it starts with the oldest hand. Each player can don one of the following.

  • Check- A player does this when they want to stay in the game but not add any money to the pot. This one can only be done in the first round of betting and only if no one else has bet.
  • Fold- A player does this when they don’t have a good hand and want to drop out. They won’t get any of the pot winnings.
  • Bet- A player does this when they want to add some money to the pot. The amount is usually a minimum or maximum and has already been agreed on. This can only be done in the first round of betting and only if there aren’t any bets.
  • Call- A player puts enough money in to be equal to other players. Once the pot hits a certain point without anyone folding, the betting stage is done.
  • Raise- This can only happen when someone else has bet or called. A player will put more money in than what they would’ve for a call.


Once the betting ends, everyone shows their hands and the highest wins. The hands that are from highest to lowest are listed below.

  • Any Royal Hands
  • Straight Sixes
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Fives
  • Full House
  • Straight Fours
  • Three of a Kind
  • Flush
  • One Pair
  • High Card


Since this is a game of chance, there isn’t much strategy you can do. The best thing is to just watch people for tells. You’ll be able to figure out if they’re bluffing or not.

Now that you know the rules, you can be a pro in no time! Surprise your friends and beat them at this fun game! If you wanted, you could also teach the rules to others so you can have people to play with!

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