Identifying the Best Times When to Bet Preflop in Online Poker

Knowing when to bet preflop in online poker could make the difference in you winning and losing each day. Most players today are so obsessed with the monster pots on the river that they don’t realize the best players are growing their bankrolls fast by scooping the blinds over and over.

Here are some tips for identifying the best times when to bet preflop in online poker;

When you have a real hand, it can be wise to slow play to get maximum value, but that is exactly what everyone else is doing. It looks less obvious when you bet this hand before the flop because it simply disguises the value. Other players may think you are trying to steal the pot, so they call and if the connect on the flop they stay in the hand. Since you are way ahead, now you can slow play and reel them in so you can push all in on the river and catch somebody who thinks they have the nuts.

If you notice that a weak player will not call a raise before the flop, take advantage of the easiest money you’ll ever make. Those blinds add up, especially if you are getting them for nothing over the course of a few hours. When you are in a hand where a weak player is in the big blind, just bet like you have a big pocket pair regardless your two cards. Try to isolate that one player, don’t do it every time you like because you might come across a pot bully who protects their blinds at any cost.

If you have gained the reputation as a player who is very tight, then betting before the flop is a great way to scare off players who hope to catch something on the flop. It doesn’t matter you are holding a 3 8 off suit, bet big enough and your reputation will precede you. Other players who have been keeping a close eye on you will in fact respect your big bet and just assume you have something big and back off from any confrontation. If you get a call, all you need to do is follow with a large continuation bet to scare them off the hand.

One of the best times to bet before the flop is when you’re planning on setting another player up. If you have the button, now is a great time to make a move because you will always be betting last. Make the raise before the flop to weed any all the potential junk from the hand. Now that you have the players isolated, you string them along by betting low enough to keep everyone in the hand. As long as they keep calling, you drag them to the river and then make your move all-in to scare them off.

Now you know when to bet preflop in online poker 99. Keep working this formula and you will discover in no time that you have found a solid way to grow your bankroll.