Play These Top Three Slot Machine Games

Have some time to kill and feel like playing a thrilling gambling game? Read on to discover today’s hottest slot machine options:

Wheel of Fortune is #1 Across the Board

Wheel of Fortune is always the big winner when it comes to popular slots. Partly because most folks are already quite familiar with the game show and music, and partly because Wheel of Fortune has a ton of bonuses and side games. This slot machine has homes in casinos all over the world, but there are also a lot of online versions to explore. Let’s face it though, there is almost nothing as thrilling as spinning the wheel with Pat and Vanna while the crowd cheers along with you!

Megabucks is a Big Jackpot Score

This game is the first wide-area progressive slot game, meaning machines across a number of casinos are all linked to the same jackpot. This means that hitting it big might be a bit more rare, BUT when you win, you win huge! We’re talking millions of dollars…. So Megabucks definitely lives up to its name. A portion of everybody’s bets across multiple casinos keep adding up, until someone strikes it really, really rich.

The Wizard of Oz Never Fails to Delight

The Wizard of Oz is another slot machine that capitalizes on the nostalgia factor to lure you in. However, once you start playing, you realize that you can play a whole series of lucrative side games as you dance down the yellow brick road to meet the Wizard. The colors are as fresh and vivid as the original Technicolor movie, and you won’t get enough of singing along with Dorothy and the boys as you win your way into a brand-new pair of ruby slippers of your own.

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