Indonesia‘s Online Gambling Craze

Indonesia is a country best known as a tourist destination due to its serene beaches such as Bali. However, the country is becoming far more popular due to its online gambling activities. Surprisingly, though this is true, online gambling is strictly prohibited by sharia laws as the country is majority Muslim. The government has also made drastic efforts to enforce these laws, notably banning offshore online casinos back in 2012 but has evidently not succeeded.

This poses the question, how is it that online gambling is so popular to the extent the government cannot curb it?


Strict Sharia Laws

First and foremost, the same Sharia laws imposed to prevent gambling are, on the other hand, enticing people to gamble. More like Eve and the serpent. With the emergence of VPNs, Indonesians can comfortably log into online gambling sites without fear of being tracked by the government. More people in Indonesia are becoming aware of this fact hence the continual rise in online gambling popularity. Moreover, as the country is one of the most populous worldwide, the trend is likely to go on for much longer.


Ease of Money Transfer

Secondly, armed with the information that Indonesia is a ripe market yet not readily accessible, online casinos (see winslot casino) have made it quite simple for Indonesians to deposit and withdraw money into and out of their gambling accounts by sampling using VPNs to access the sites and from there choose the most convenient money transfer methods for them from debit/credit cards to even Bitcoins. The Indonesian legal tender, rupiah, is also accepted, making the process a walk in the park.


A Large Variety of Games

Thirdly, from blackjack to poker to Bingo and even dog races, online gambling avails a larger variety of games to choose from compared to underground gambling with far less risk of exposure. This has made online gambling a viable option for the numerous people interested in entertaining themselves through gambling.



Like any gambling activity, online gambling just as addictive if not. Coupling the earlier stated reasons for online gambling’s popularity with the feel-good effect winning in gambles has on individuals, Indonesians are highly prone to be addicted to online gambling, which may also help explain its popularity.


Closing Remarks

With the ever-increasing popularity of online gambling activities, the government may eventually give in and legalize it. But till then, for the numerous individuals already immersed in the world of online gambling, care should be taken to avoid exposure, and also they should carry out their online gambling responsibly to prevent financial ruin as gambling, especially online gambling, tends to be quite addictive more so due to its ease of access and how easy it is to transfer money from one’s bank account to the betting site.